#INKtober 2013


This month, I’ve been participating in #INKtober. You can read more about it here, on artist Jake Parker’s blog, but the basic idea is to create one ink drawing a day and post it using the hashtag #inktober. I have kept it pretty simple–I’m just making mini notecards by doodling patterns on index cards folded in half. Below are the results of the first ten days. If you’d like to follow along, you can find them posted on Instagram, username “nikijin.”











Tigerprint Black and White Competition



Last week while I was on vacation in Florida, I found out that I was the winner in Tigerprint’s Black and White competition! It was a wonderful surprise. I was not expecting to win at all, and was even more dumbfounded when I read that there were over 1000 entries. The pattern that won was actually the floral I created a few weeks ago, as seen in this post. As I’m plugging away at building my portfolio and taking steps toward a career in art, it is nice to have some small accomplishments like this along the way. And now that vacation’s over, I’m ready to churn out more work!

Making a Floral Pattern

This week I worked on a new floral pattern using a traditional method that I’d never tried before. While I do start most of my work with good ole pen and paper, I usually create the actual pattern tile digitally by scanning the individual motifs and arranging them in Photoshop or Illustrator. However, for this all-over floral pattern, where the elements are very interconnected with one another, I decided I would rather draw the tile all at once. It seemed a more appealing option than trying to arrange individual flower shapes onscreen. So here’s what I did:

From previous sketching sessions, I already had in mind what I wanted to do for this pattern, so to begin I just started freely drawing the pattern with markers and pens. I stayed to the middle of the paper, without touching the sides, which is important to the process, as you will see.


Once I had the pattern established in the middle of the paper, then came the scary part. I cut the paper into quarters.



Then I rearranged the pieces so the outside edges were now on the inside. First I put together the side edges.


Then I filled in the middle with more pattern.


And more pattern…


Then I rearranged the pieces again so the top and bottom edges met in the middle. And so on and so on.


Once the entire paper was filled in this manner, then I scanned it and cleaned up the “seams” in Photoshop. This was the end result.


What I ended up with was a pattern tile that could repeat seamlessly. See…


Yay!  And then a little color…


Tada! Neat huh? :)

New Love and Marriage Floral Design

I recently submitted to the Tigerprint Love and Marriage design competition. Here are some of my initial sketches, coming up with ideas and exploring the theme:


I ultimately chose to go with an all-over floral pattern. Here are some more developed sketches and line drawings.




Here is the final pattern, with different color variations, as well as the heart card design in the middle.